In 1976 and 1977 I began working for Dr. James Loehr.  Jim presently is the co-founder of the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute in Orlando Florida. He has authored most recently several NY TIMES best sellers and co-authored “The Power of Full Engagement “ a best seller AS WELL. But in 1976 all of this meaning all of this performance psychology especially in sports was looked upon as kooky stuff. Jim in 1976 was presenting very new mental toughness pointers and formulas for tennis players, athletes and a select handful of others. He called this athletic excellence mental toughness techniques.

Quite honestly no one had heard of this before and Jim was labeled many times as a kook. At the time I was wondering about this stuff as to the unknowns of it. Visualization techniques, the use of the words mental technologies NLP, autogenic training techniques, muscle relaxation techniques, bio feedback ,using telemetry devices to help regulate heart rates for performance etc.

What I realize now was I was on the cutting edge of the new frontiers of sports psychology and human development watching Jim make history. And in a look back I was forming a deep passion for all of this human performance arena because I seriously needed to fill a big void in my own life and nourish it with the right emotions, the right physical training, the right mental training and the right spiritual training.

In the coming weeks I’m going to add to my story so you get to know the roots of PMI and “The Mission “. And I hope I can help provide assistance through PMI and its resources of renowned coaches and leaders to the worlds of business, sports, media and entertainment and politics.